Sports fundamental in learning and orientation: Commissioner Vurobaravu

The Vanuatu HighCommission in Fiji has provided financial support for Vanuatu students, towards a major Futsal tournament scheduled for April 29, 2018. Showing his passion for soccer, the former Laucala student and former Suva City soccer player, Commission to Fiji, Nikenike Vurobaravu handed FJ$400 to the Vanuatu students yesterday.

"We are so happy about the initiative because I personally believe that sport does not only have social benefits but is part of orientation to help students in their learning." The money will help to fund the students, in terms of fees. Speaking during the handing over, Mr. Vurobaravu says it is a huge pleasure for the High Commission to commit itself in supporting student’s wellbeing, especially in sports.

The High Commissioner says he is so happy to see Vanuatu students keep the love of soccer alive. Mr. Vurobaravu reflected back to when he was a student in Suva, saying they didn’t have the opportunity like students today.

"There were only few of us at USP and to secure sponsorship we had to go lobby for support around Suva," he told the students. He shared his experience during the good olden days, which were memorable and he encouraged the students to embrace the love of soccer and integrate it with their studies.

The Futsal tournament will be a major tournament involving and comprising teams around Suva. The winner will get FJ$1500. Student representative Johnson Kial thanked the Commissioner and his staff for the support, adding that the idea to involve students in sports is a way to get them off from activities that could disturb them from their studies.

The Vanuatu students will have two teams to take part in the tournament and they have been preparing for the past weeks.

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