Travel to Fiji

Pre-departure in Vanuatu

The TSCU will prepare you before you depart Vanuatu and will help you in a number of ways.

  • Issue you your Award Letter. This is your Contract which says you are formally a sponsored student and the Vanuatu Government will be responsible for your travel, academic and social welfare while in Fiji and your repatriation back to Vanuatu at the end of year and your final return following your study.
  • Assist you complete all necessary documents from your institution.
  • Detail about your air & land travel, accommodation and allowances.

Documents you must have with you when you travel

These documents are important which you must have before travel:

  • A valid passport with and expiry date 6 months beyond the end date of your study
  • Your Offer Letter (from the institution that has granted a place for you to study)
  • You Award letter from the Vanuatu Government

Your departure from Port Vila will be facilitated by staff of TSCU. You will be issued your ticket and assisted at the international airport.  Should you have any queries regarding your travel you should ensure to consult TSCU staff well before you leave.

The TSCU is responsible to organize your travel to Fiji and return to Vanuatu via the most direct economical route.  Weekly direct flights into Nadi from Port Vila are operated by Air Vanuatu, Fiji Airways and Solomon Airlines.  This minimizes the need for travel through a second port.

In Fiji

The High Commission is responsible to facilitate your arrival into Nadi or Nausori International Airports.

Arrival in Fiji

On arrival you are expected to go through customs and immigration border control. 

 At the immigration desk you are expected to have your passport ready to be stamped. You must have the following documents:

  •  Your Award Letter
  • Institution Offer Letter
  • Passport

 At the customs desk you must have your passenger arrival card to be checked.  You will be issued with a passenger arrival card in flight. 

 You must complete the card thoroughly paying attention to details.  Fiji’s Prohibited Imports and Exports Regulations Act of 1986 alludes to certain items that you must not bring into the country or if you do, you are required to declare on arrival.

Airport Transfers

Either the High Commission or airline agent is responsible to:

  •  organize your airport transfer direct to your institution. In some cases, especially with smaller numbers traveling and depending on arrival time, it may mean a transit before outbound trip.
  • Arrange any overnight accommodation (late arrival) in Nadi only before your road or air transfer to your final destination.

Arrival debriefing Details

student association bodies from your institution will provide an arrival briefing to explain the local conditions and also to revisit TSCU’s briefing on your obligations as a Government sponsored student.

General briefing details

The general briefing details will include:

  • Orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Allowances
  • Enrollment
  • Social and academic welfare
  • Important contacts