Immigration Information

The Vanuatu immigration department is the authorized border security and border control service of the Vanuatu Government recognized and mandated by the Immigration Act Cap 66 of 1971, under the portfolio of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Vanuatu Government, in 2010 established an immigration act which introduces the additional new port of entries opened in the South, Central and Northern part of Vanuatu.

The Immigration Department function is to provide an efficient and effective immigration and border control services through the application and enforcement of the Immigration Act including the Passport Act.

The immigration products of services include facilitation of movement of people across border by issuing of tourist, student visa, business visa, transit visa, special category visa, residence permits, passports, border control clearances, detention, removals and deportations of people entering Vanuatu.

Your passport and visa is your immigration key to enter into Vanuatu. The High Commission would like to encourage you to keep your passport safe and visa validation up to date when traveling in and out of Vanuatu.

For Visa Application Forms, you can download from here:

For further immigration and visa information, you can find at the immigration website on

Travelers Arriving to Vanuatu

For Travelers arriving to Vanuatu, make sure that your declaration is subject to the Vanuatu Immigration Act, Customs Act and Biosecurity Act.

A copy of the Immigration Act, Customs Act and Biosecurity Act and related acts/regulations can be downloaded here:

Further information on Customs declaration on goods regarding Prohibited goods, Allowances of personal goods, Alcohol, Cigarettes and Taxes can be downloaded and views at the Customs website on including the Biosecurity declaration on any live plants, animals, meats etc that may carry unwanted exotic pests and diseases into Vanuatu which the information can be found on their website on