Vision, Mission & Values


Vanuatu's national sustainable development goals are represented and promoted in the Republic of Fiji.

Mission Statement

  1. To strengthen capacity in the Suva Mission for representing Vanuatu's national sustainable development policies in the Republic of Fiji, and for supporting the participation of Vanuatu leaders and officials in regional meetings, workshops and conferences convened in Fiji;
  2. To negotiate expanded development cooperation with Fiji Government, development partners and regional institutions, organizations and agencies towards enabling Vanuatu stakeholders to maximize benefits from bilateral, sub-regional and regional cooperation arrangements and processes;
  3. To provide professional advice and timely facilitation support to Vanuatu Government authorities, businesses and workers towards maximizing their socio-economic benefits from the growing economic integration process between Fiji and Vanuatu;
  4. To provide affordable consular services for ensuring the wellbeing of Vanuatu citizens in Fiji; assisting Fiji diaspora access family documents in Vanuatu; issuance of Vanuatu entry visas to foreign persons; processing travel and other documentations for Vanuatu citizen in Fijis, and for apostille work on authenticating documents of foreign companies registered in Vanuatu;
  5. To engage in the provision of state protocol services by Fiji authorities to facilitate the arrival, visit, transit and departure of Vanuatu Government Leaders, Ministers and officials; and to participate in ceremonial protocol towards fostering desired coordination with Fiji Government authorities, private sector, civil society and with regional/international partners/donors; and
  6. To strengthen administrative, technical and professional capabilities in the Suva Mission for effective corporate and business planning, and for staff performance, program implementation and financial management reporting to Headquarters.

Core Values

  1. We treasure our Christian values, our indigenous Melanesian heritage and respect the cultural diversity of Vanuatu and Fiji;
  2. We uphold and promote the principles of transparency, integrity, accountability, social equity, fairness and rule of law;
  3. We are committed to environmentally and socially sustainable economic development;
  4. We work to promote economic integration between Fiji and Vanuatu; and
  5. We strive for quality leadership in industry, high productivity and efficient customer service.

Mission History

The High Commission of the Republic of Vanuatu in Fiji is located in Suva (the Suva Mission). On the 28th of March, 2018 the Suva Mission will reach its seventh year of operation, having been officially opened by former Prime Minister, Hon Sato KILMAN, (MP), on 28th March, 2011.

The Mission's office after its establishment was originally located in Gordon Street, Suva and in 2013 the office was re-located to 17 Mariko Street, Laucala Bay where it is today. H.E. Mr. Nikenike Vurobaravu is the first High Commissioner appointed to head the mission in 2014.